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Where Every Child is a Blessing

Unique Blessings Learning Center

Unique Blessings Learning Center strives to see each child reach their potential in every area of life.  Staff, Curriculum, environment, and parents are the four major contributors to our vision.  We are an educational and developmentally appropriate based care designed to provide children with knowledge and experiences that help children grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, academically, and spiritually.  To ensure every child is growing to his or her potential, it takes a dedicated team and a family that will stand in partnership to support each child and his or her education.

Our CURRICULUM is a multi-sensory approach so that we are meeting every child's needs on the child's level and to each child's natural bend and then we scaffold bringing the child to where we believe is developmentally appropriate for that child.  Our curriculum is also state approved.  We use Mother Goose Time curriculum and Learning Beyond Paper curriculum to help children strive towards their potential.  Children learn and relate to knowledge differently, and we believe we will reach and meet each child's needs by using Gardner's Multiple Intelligences approach in our classrooms.  Children will be challenged in academics with the full support from our staff.  “Mother Goose Time Curriculum applies child development theories and brain research to a unique model of teacher support, child experience and family engagement.  MGT curriculum enables an early start to self-discovery, creativity, and healthy decision making though hands-on experiences.  Children are naturally exposed to skills which support their on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.  RESEARCH-BASED APPROACH TO LEARNING-Mother Goose Time Curriculum applies child development theories and brain research to a unique model of teacher support, child experience and family engagement,” (  If you have any questions or concerns about the curriculum, you can always reach out and we would be delighted to go over Mother Goose Time with you.


















Our SCHEDULE is predictable but also flexible enough that when children show interest, we infuse our daily curriculum with their wonderings.  We believe that children learn best when they have a predictable schedule.  Promptness is as important as attendance.  We also believe that children can learn through play, and as such, there wil be some time allotted for children to play in structured activities as well as free play.  Our schedule also allots for children to learn collectively as well as individually.  As such, children will be taught in whole-group, small group, and individually throughout the day.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child's schedule, please reach out and we can go over your child's schedule with you.















Our STAFF strive for excellence in the quality of care for our families.  Staff have ongoing professional development and training to hone in skills and improve their classroom effectiveness.  Here at Unique Blessings Learning Center, we strive to keep our turn over rates low by being a tight knit family and giving opportunities for long-standing bonuses.  We also strive to promote furthering education so that teachers have a better chance felling at ease within the classroom here at Unique Blessings Learning Center.

















We have safety protocols in place to help prevent incidences within the classroom.  Our main focus is love, safety, and education.


Parent Communication is BIG!  We use PROCARE to update all our parents with the latest care through the day.  Children learn best when all parents/guardians and staff are on the same page- PROCARE is a great tool to ensure this.  We share emergency texts, notes, daily reports, monthly newsletters, activities within the day, and even your child's needs through this app.

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