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Reading in Content Areas

Not on grade level and want to be, with self-motivation, assessment, and tutoring, we will bring you up to level with time. 

Students face a new experience and language when encountering science for the first time.   This could account for what many may experience as hardship in reading.  Foreign words, and new concepts rush through the year with no let up as students go from one new concept to another.  Most students struggle with the new words, new ideas, and new ways to think.  My site was made for the student that struggles in content areas.  With many years of teaching experience, I am able to bring the student from where he or she is and help scaffold them to the next level in content areas.  This does take time and effort on all parts but this is definitely achievable.   
Assessment, explicit instruction, intensive tutoring, self-motivation are all needed for great success.  One of the things I enjoy is essentially reading across the curriculum.  This helps the student grasp in a deeper way the content presented as they are surrounded by one theme in all areas of study.  Whether content is implemented through reading by close reading, math by graphs, writing by response journals, science by experimentation, social studies by reenactment-there are a plethora of ways to engulf the child in the content area text so that he or she can connect and relate to his or her studies (Vacca, Macca, & Mraz, 2014).

Content Area Readability

Below is the Readability for the Content Area Grade book for 7th Grade
Below that is the Readability for "If You Give a Dog a Donut" & "Lyle Lyle Crocodile"
Although these texts may seem extremely different, I will be making a point why we don't keep some animals for pets and why we don't feed other animals sweets-and how harmful both of these books would be if these were real life. 

content are reading paragraph 1.png
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 8.00.32 PM.jpeg
content area reading paragraph 2.png

Other Readability Books Researched

readability project Unique Johnson.1.jpeg
readability project Unique Johnson.2.jpeg
readability project Unique Johnson.3.jpeg
readability project Unique Johnson.4.jpeg
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